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Organizations who use Appreciative Inquiry report

  • Higher Employee Engagement

  • More Profit

  • Reduced Turnover

Angie applied the Appreciative Inquiry method to our vision statement initiative, reward and recognition program,

on-boarding, and performance management system.   This whole system approach encourages participation at every level with buy-in and ownership and has been particularly effective in positively affecting the morale and culture of the organization. 


Bill E.

Vice President of Human Resources

Leaders understand the impact of culture on bottom line results.  The goal is to create a culture that everyone loves.  When that happens, employee engagement is higher, workplaces are safer and profit soars.


Appreciative Inquiry Summits are designed to help you change your culture or any number of culture-related programs.  I take the entire team through the 4D process to Discover, Dream, Design and Deliver their vision for the team and organization. We can use either a SWOT or SOAR based approach, though I find that the SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results) approach is more in line with most organization's culture goals. 


Appreciative Inquiry Summits are ideal for organizations:

  • Experiencing high turnover, low productivity, and low employee engagement

  • Developing compelling vision statements based on the feedback from all levels

  • Designing and developing employee performance reviews or reward and recognition programs


Summits are a great experience for the entire team because everyone gets to have a voice. While we start with leadership, we ultimately include everyone. All levels of staff get a seat around the table and the chance to offer their opinions. It’s the perfect way to get employees to buy-in to your organization wholeheartedly.

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