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Building effective teams is difficult, and often organizations run into issues where team members simply rub each other the wrong way. And those little daily irritations add up, leading to friction, loss of productivity, and sometimes outright conflict that affects everyone on the team.


Helping your team members, beginning with the team leader, understand more about who they are and why they do what they do is the first step in eliminating this problem.

Because each team is unique, I will create a comprehensive Conflict Resolution program designed to educate and provide a toolbox full of new techniques created specifically to turn conflict into productive energy that gets to solutions. 

The first step after a discovery call is a DiSC assessment so your team members are able to discover themselves, their styles, and their behaviors. Every assessment comes with a complete debrief to help them evaluate their results, consider how those results influence how people interact with them, and learn how to adapt their behavior to work more effectively. They’ll also learn how to read people, especially their team members, so they can better understand what kind of personality each team member has.  

Then we move to learning the structure of conflict and recognizing where the team is in each piece of the conflict.  Understanding is the basis of their paradigm shift and during the working session, the team will learn and practice skills necessary to move past the conflict and into solutions.  


My clients tell me these powerful solutions have changed the dynamics of their teams in a positive, productive way.  


I will create a customized program to help your team turn conflict into energy that produces solutions and results!

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