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Your organization relies on effective teams. When your teams are struggling, your organization can feel the pain almost immediately. All too often, the problem lies at the top.


That’s why I focus on building better leaders by helping them understand themselves and their teams, facilitating summits that include the entire team to solve a problem, and creating custom leadership and development programs.

Leader Development

Have a promising employee who is struggling to lead his/her team? Or a senior manager who needs clarity on her/his future with your organization? Working with a leadership coach is exactly what your employee needs. Working with me can radically shift their perspective, help them gain clarity, and allow them to walk away prepared to:

  • Implement strategies to achieve their new goals and work towards their future

  • Have the tough conversations their team needs and resolve conflict like a pro

  • Lead their team better than ever before because they’re now leading themselves


By beginning with the Discover phase, we’re able to find the best of what works, what energizes the leader, and what they are good at. From there, we start Dreaming. What if they had everything they wanted from their careers? What would that look like? We’ll use that dream to Design the steps they need to take to Deliver the results you want. With the help of weekly accountability and a firm plan, they’ll end the customized program closer to their Dream and as the kind of leader you need them to be.


Throughout the process, they’ll learn what kind of leader they are, more about their personality and how it affects their team, and how to let go of their limiting beliefs to move forward in their career.


The Leader Development package includes:

  • Initial discovery consultation with the team leader and their manager (via Phone/Video Call)

  • Bi-weekly coaching calls  (45-60 minutes video calls)

  • Regular updates to team leader’s manager about progress (while maintaining team leader’s privacy)

  • Official DiSC Assessment and debrief (includes an additional 60 minute video call)

  • Final consultation with the team leader and their manager (60 minute video call)


What if your team could see fewer conflicts, increased productivity, and make serious progress toward their goals? It all starts with the leader, and I can help them help your team. Let’s talk about it.  

I was interested in coaching because I am a new manager and I was looking for some advice with becoming a good leader.  The cool thing about coaching with Angie is the self-reflection that has come out of it. I went in with the mindset that I needed help changing the people around me and now I know the only person I can change is me.  I still have a bunch of work to do but even after a few sessions, I think differently which causes me to act differently. I have less stress and I worry a lot less.


Associate Curator

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